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WATCH: Madonna Kisses Drake Onstage at Coachella!


Yes, this just happened!

Madonna is not playing games when it comes to Drake! The two have been flirting and whatnot on Instagram, and she has been hinting for awhile now that she wants a piece of Drizzy. Well, that's exactly what she got Sunday evening onstage at the Coachella festival.

Planned kiss or nah? I'm not sure, but Drake didn't seem too pleased with the kiss as you can see in the photos above. Is Drake crying or is he grossed out!? I really can't tell, lol.

*When kissing your grandma goes wrong* ... I kid, I kid! Hahaaa!

After the kiss, Madonna walked off stage, leaving Drake sitting in the chair and he said, "holy sh*t, what the f*ck just happened," and he laughed. Peep the clip below:

You can catch the rest of the Coachella live stream here:

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