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Blac Chyna and Her New Boo Boxer J'Leon Love Exchange Flirty Messages/Videos on Instagram

Blac Chyna has moved on!

Blac Chyna and her new rumored boo thang professional boxer, J'Leon Love are rumored to have met a couple of weeks ago and have been flirting back and forth ever since. 

Yesterday, Blac Chyna uploaded this photo of her on Instagram.

J'Leon then uploaded the photo on his page with the caption,
"@blacchyna you need help finding what ever it is you are looking for? Let me know if I can help" 
She replied, "I need assistance."
He said, "No worries I'm on the way."

Aw snap! Get that assistance, girl!

According to TMZ, J'Leon is currently training for a big fight in Vegas and he's also cool with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather. J'Leon also has a no sex policy before his big fight, so Blac Chyna has to wait a couple of weeks, but she's totally cool with his celibacy. 

Also, according to gossip site, Hollywood Life, Blac Chyna's ex, Tyga is supposedly jealous of Blac Chyna's new budding romance, ha!

Hollywood Life reports, Kylie doesn't understand why Tyga keeps calling Blac Chyna and asking about her new man and an insider tells them that Tyga’s jealously over Blac’s new relationship could ruin their relationship. 

Oh, so it's okay for you to move on Tyga, but not Blac Chyna!?

Jealousy is a bitch, hunh?

Check out these cute photos and this Snapchat video below of Blac Chyna and J'Leon Love laying on the bed and listening to slow jams. Go girl, he's a cutie!

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