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Oh Man! Fetty Wap's Alleged Girlfriend Molly Whopped in the Streets


*UPDATE: I just found out the girl in the video is NOT Alexis Sky, but allegedly Fetty Wap's day 1 chick, some female named Yaya. Instagram user @mrceorac posted the video below of the fight and he clarified model Alexis Sky was not the woman in the video...

Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen(s)"

There's a video going around on social media showing one of Fetty Wap's girlfriends who goes by the name of "Yaya," and she's getting dragged out of a white Benz and molly whopped in the streets ... and, someone was filming! 

It seems like Fetty's day 1 girlfriend was dragged out of the car by his second baby mama's BFF. Dramaaa!

Just four weeks ago, Fetty's original Trap Queen, Yaya, posted the picture below of him and her in Robin's Jean Store in Los Angeles.

Yaya was also rooting for Fetty while he performed at the MTV Movie Awards four weeks ago and she posted the picture below.

Here is Yaya sitting on top of the white Benz which is shown in the video below

 Now, a 22-year-old female had some sort of beef with Yaya.

Yaya (left) and the woman who dragged her out the car (right)

This woman confirmed it was her in the video
She uploaded a video of the fight on Instagram (and later deleted it)
and, she answered comments under her video
The story I was told...

These two women fought supposedly because Fetty's "girlfriend" Yaya went to this woman's house and kicked down her door, allegedly. The woman said when she see's Yaya she's going to f*ck her up. Yaya later on followed the woman in her car. The woman was with her brother at the time and he pulled their car over. The woman then told Yaya to get out of her vehicle and when she refused, the woman took her out of the car and started hitting her. 

Peep the footage here and see for yourself!

Well, I'm not sure who this Yaya woman is (or if she's still Fetty's girlfriend), but model Alexis Sky has recently claimed Fetty as well.

Alexis uploaded pictures about a week ago on her Instagram page showing both of them together in bed and a video of the two of them. She calls Fetty her "bae."

Alexis posted this photo earlier today and captioned it:
"Hair out chillan with no make up on girl that's
when your prettiest hope you don't take it wrong"

A video posted by Alexis Sky (@alexiis_skyy) on

Alexis posted and captioned this photo:
"What's understood doesn't need to be explained yeah that's all me #bae ... #zoogang @fettywap1738"

Alexis Sky


How many women does Fetty Wap have and why are they fighting over him? Who knows, but there is wayyy too many fish in the sea to be fighting over one guy.  

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Fetty has way too many chicks and who knows how many baby mama's. Too much drama!

Here's one of his baby mama's...


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