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50 Cent Threatens to Sue Popular Gossip Site For Leaking La La Anthony's Nude Scenes from 'Power'

50 Cent is on the phone making boss moves and is ready to sue popular gossip site MediaTakeOut!

Someone over at MTO decided to leak La La Anthony's nudes and video from an upcoming sex scene (you can watch it here) from his hit show Power. La La plays the character Lakeisha.

Well, 50 isn't too happy about the spoiler and he uploaded two videos on Instagram earlier addressing MTO:

"... for doing that, I'm not gonna take it personal so I hope you don't take it personal with me when they sue you blue in the face."

50 also uploaded a second video (below) and captioned it:

"I don't have anything to do with mediatakeout. I think they forgot the show belongs to a big network and there legal team has nothing to do but go after things like this."

Bloop! They gonna learn today!

I'm guessing MTO watched his videos because they removed the post from their website really quick! But it's too late, the photos of La La are already spreading around social media.

Now see, I thought about leaking photos because I saw her sex scene weeks ago (Have you been reading my spoilers?) but I don't want to get SUED!

It clearly says on the DVDs that screening it is for screening purposes only and cannot be taped or duplicated.

I'm so glad I didn't post any pics or videos. Trust me, it's no fun being sued.

La La's sex scene will be shown in episode 4 next Saturday... I'll just stick to writing about the spoilers. If you've been reading my spoilers, check back on my site Wednesday, episode 3 will be posted.

[Photo: Instagram]

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