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Brandon Jennings Flirts With Bria Murphy and is Possibly Dating Princess Love After Dropping Pregnant Girlfriend

Here's some afternoon tea for you to enjoy on your Monday...

Last month, we all found out NBA player Brandon Jennings and his girl (now ex) Tae Heckard are expecting a baby boy (if you missed that news, click here). But, for the past couple of weeks, he's been acting out on social media. 

Brandon was publicly lusting after Eddie Murphy's daughter last week after announcing on social media he's single... this is only a month after Tae's pregnancy announcement! 

Brandon Jennings left a comment on Bria Murphy's photo last week,
"U cute or whatever lol"

(Click photos to enlarge)

This is not how you act when you have a woman at home carrying your baby! He needs to chill out and put his energy into his family instead of being so thirsty. 

And, if this isn't enough, now it looks like Brandon is being linked to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star, Princess Love!

According to celebrity blogger Hot Sugar, Princess Love is secretly seeing Brandon Jennings! Princess is the former girl of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and singer/ LHHH star Ray J. 

Supposedly, Princess knows Tae and knows she is pregnant by Brandon. She is still very skeptical about his relationship with Tae even though Brandon keeps assuring her that it is over. 

Hot Sugar also reports, Princess requested to make sure all of Tae's pics were off his Instagram and she is wondering why does Tae still have pictures of Brandon on her Instagram page if it's over... really though?

Brandon wants to come out about his relationship with Princess to the public but is afraid of how it will be received. And, reportedly, Tae is still holding on to hopes of a reconciliation with her and Jennings, according to Hot Sugar. 

This is a HOT mess!

[Photos: Instagram]

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