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Trouble in Fetty Wap's Crew? No More Remy Boyz For Jersey Rapper P-Dice

Trouble in Fetty Wap's camp? 

It looks like Fetty's Paterson, NJ squad Remy Boyz, the 1738 crew is losing a member. Earlier today, P-Dice let his 20,000 + fans know on Instagram that he's not a Remy boy anymore.

The upcoming Jersey rapper posted the message below earlier and said "mood: Ice Cube" ... I'm guessing like how Cube left N.W.A back in the '90s. 

Dice also tweeted the message: 

Dice was the one in the group who stood up for Fetty last month when another Jersey rapper, Tax G, came for Fetty about stealing his rap style. 

Now, I'm not 100% sure why Dice isn't a part of the Remy Boyz anymore, but word on the street is this may have something to do with Dices departure from the crew. 

Fetty uploaded this picture and caption on Instagram about a week ago
I wonder if Dice was out of the Remy Boyz crew then
[Photos: Instagram]

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