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Beyonce Covers 'BEAT' Magazine, Says She "Netflix and Chills" + She's a Fetty Wap Fan (More Pics Inside!)

Photo credit: BEAT magazine

 Beyonce is slaying in her latest magazine photo shoot for BEAT magazine

The songstress looks beautiful as she's rocking a sexy white one-piece bathing suit, riding a bike and sitting in a field of purple flowers... she's even holding a chicken. 

Photo credit: BEAT magazine
We learn a few more things about Bey in her first print interview since 2013. Her and Jay-Z "Netflix and chill" AND she's a fan of Jersey rap star, Fetty Wap! His song "Jugg" was mentioned as the last song Bey had stuck in her head. 

Photo credit: BEAT magazine
Beyonce also shared her thoughts on the relationship between success and fear:

"What does fear taste like? Success. I have accomplished nothing without a little taste of fear in my mouth," she says. 

You can pick up the Oct. 21 copy of BEAT magazine here. Check out Beyonce's full cover story and see more pics over here

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