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CELEB RUMORS: Sheneka Adams Allegedly Was A Personal Sex Slave For La La & Carmelo Anthony, Say What Now!?

Lawd! Another day, another crazy, messy DM...

So, I got this in my Instagram DM yesterday from an unnamed source, and it looks like this story is going around to all the blogs. Allegedly, video vixen/model Sheneka Adams (the same woman who appeared in a sextape with rapper, Soulja Boy) was paid to be a sex slave for La La and Carmelo Anthony... this couple allegedly gets down like that:

This source claims the rumors are true. I've heard about this tea earlier this year and Sheneka has previously denied being La La and Carmelo's personal sex slave. Obviously this tea cannot be confirmed because there is no actual proof, only he said, she said stuff. 

Check out what others had to say in my comments section on Instagram, many seem to believe this rumor is true:

"Hell its possible. Its a lot of freaks out hurr"


"I believe it"

"whaaaaaaaa bihhhh???"

"Unless they got receipts I ain't with it"

Well, I'm not knocking how anyone gets down in the bedroom, IF this is even true. 


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