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Chris Brown Slams Media Reports of Him Being Addicted to Sizzurp, Calls Bullsh*t

This is a photo Chris Brown posted four days ago on Instagram. TMZ points out the two double cups (supposedly containing sizzurp).

Chris Brown continues to call out gossip website TMZ and says they are publishing nonsense and fake stories about him.

Late last night, Breezy sent off a series of tweets to alert his fans that TMZ would be publishing a "bogus" story of him and he called BS:

Welp, surely enough, TMZ published a story of the singer earlier this morning (Nov. 3) and reported, sizzurp is taking over Breezy's life!

If you don't know, this sizzurp is a mix of codeine-based prescription cough syrup, soda and sometimes Jolly Ranchers candy is added. The codeine used in the cough syrup, which is an opiate, produces a feeling of euphoria.

TMZ previously reported that during Chris' custody battle, the 26-year-old singer tested positive for codeine, but the judge gave him a pass because Chris had a prescription. 

TMZ now reports there is evidence in the picture above with Chris and his friends, which was taken over the weekend at a pumpkin patch where Chris was also with his daughter, Royalty, which shows double-stacked cups by his feet and behind him.

The gossip site claims Chris' friends and family are worried because, "the problem has been getting worse," and he's drinking sizzurp around Royalty which could cause him to lose custody. 

Watch the video footage over HERE at TMZ which shows Chris and his friends supposedly with sizzurp. 

Once this story hit the internet, Chris tweeted again:

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