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Noteworthy News: Haben Girma, The First Deaf-Blind Woman To Graduate From Harvard Law School

TGIM! Have you heard about Haben Girma? Check out this inspirational story...

I recently came across a meme (shown below) of Haben Girma, the first deaf-blind woman to graduate from Harvard Law School. I was intrigued by what I saw and had to look up her full story.

Haben is now a lawyer with the non-profit group Disability Rights Advocates in California. The Eritrean-American woman is currently working as a lawyer to improve access to Braille devices and different technology systems for people with disabilities. 

“I am an attorney here and I grew up facing access barriers as a deaf-blind person, and that inspired me to become a lawyer."

“And when I first started at Harvard Law School, there were very few deaf-blind attorneys. I couldn't turn to older deaf-blind individuals and ask. I had to figure it out a lot on my own."

“So graduating from Harvard Law School says a lot about what can be done when people have the right attitude.” (via: BCC)

Haben uses a digital braille display and Qwerty keyboard for communication. The braille display shows in digital braille, mechanical dots pop up to form braille letters. As she's reading, her assistant types on a Qwerty keyboard when there are conversations going on. 

Earlier this year, the disability rights advocate met President Barack Obama!

Last month, Haben celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act at the White House. And, during this celebration, President Obama used alternative technologies to communicate with Haben.

“That sends a very empowering message. It reminds the rest of the United States and the rest of the world that having an inclusive attitude ensures that people with disabilities can contribute their talents to society,” Haben said.  
For more of Haben Girma's story, visit BCC

[Source: BCC]

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