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Kanye West Says He's Not A Finger In The Booty Type Of Dude + Wiz Khalifa Isn't Done With Kanye: "You Better Run N**a" (Video)

Just when the finger booty jokes were starting to die down, Kanye West decided to bring them up again days later. 

Last night, he tweeted that he's not about those butt games and said:

Well, today the Twitter universe had taken on a new level of 'no chill' because #KanyeAnalPlaylist was trending! Ha!

And, as if this new hashtag isn't enough, Wiz Khalifa is not done with Kanye just yet!

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He brought up Kanye multiple times during his show on Thursday night, at one point he said:

“We coming for you Kanye, you better run n**a!” 

Oop! Watch the clip below:

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