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TV CHATS: 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Deserve An Award For Being The Most Patient Fans Ever!

I saw this meme on Instagram and thought this was hilarious
and so very true
'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 Premiere: The Show Has Really Disappointed Me, But My Loyalty Is Strong

So yea, I watch Pretty Little Liars, I'm not ashamed, lol ... Been watching since 2010!

However, I am pissed at the new season premiere I just watched last night. 

I hate that they brought the ladies back and made it five years later. I would've liked to actually see them go through some of college and not just have them reunite and talk about it. And, none of them seem like they were really close during those five years. 

Now, Charlotte is dead, well supposedly, and how long will it be before we find out who killed her!? ... It only took FIVE freakin' years to find out she was A! 

WHY do I keep watching this show!?! (I actually used to write PLL recaps a couple years back then I fell off). 

Allie now has to figure out who killed her sister.
Was it one of the Liars?
Aria seems like one of the new targets. 
Now it's like PLL is starting all over again like how it ended on the first episode of season 1 at Allison's funeral. 

So, will this season be the last season? Or, will it take five more years to figure out who killed Charlotte?

So frustrating

But, I'm going to tune in next week... and probably the week after... who am I fooling? I'll watch the entire season and the next five or however many years they put us fans through. I used to watch the soap opera Passions, so I can get through this!


Are you a PLL fan? What do you think?

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