Friday, February 5, 2016

Confidence Is Key, Love Your Natural Self!

Nothing can knock down a confident woman!

Confidence is key
And not caring about what others believe.
See, I don't need to put on tons of makeup to walk out of the house
I don't need to contour my face.
And I have these long legs which are long enough to wrap around my man's waist.
You have a thigh gap? So fucking what
I embrace my big hips and the fact that my thighs touch.
Yes, wearing shorts can be annoying, but my man likes snuggling in between these big, soft thighs.
And, I love my beautiful brown eyes
As well as my breasts, tits soft as pillows, a great place for my man to rest
Those fake titties ain't got nothing on this double D chest.
See, people pay to get what I naturally have.
This is all me
No, I'm not a size two or a three.
I don't have a super flat stomach and when I sit, I actually have a stomach roll
I also have a couple of stretch marks, but I don't care, neither do real men from what I'm told.
My ass isn't the fattest, but it sits up quite nice
Others have to buy theirs for a hefty price.
I love my natural, thick, kinky curly hair that I'm not embarrassed to show off and wear.
I embrace my body, my curves and my makeup-less face
I'm not that chick who can't live without her vanity case. 

- La La 

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