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Tax Season: Checking Off The 'Other' Box For Relationship Status

I hate when applications ask you to check off a box to identify with something... Example: 'Black, White, etc...' or 'Married, Single, etc...' 

I don't fit into a box! 

I just can't check a box without listing an explanation.

When it comes to the 'Race' box, I usually just check 'Other,' because it's none of their business... same goes for relationship status.

So, when it comes time to filling out my taxes and the form includes these boxes (shown below) for relationship status, I decided the forms need to have the 'Other' box listed. 

See, Facebook has 'It's Complicated' and so many other options to choose from, I'ma need for other forms to step their game up and include more options for this here relationship status thing. 

I created my own 'Other' box along with an explanation:

I might type it out for them since my handwriting is a bit on the sloppy side. 

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