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Karrine Steffans 'Supa Head' Calls Oprah Winfrey "A Hoe" & Maya Angelou "A Prostitute" To Prove No One Is Defined By Their Past

Karrine Steffans, a woman who doesn't have the greatest past, took the time to tweet out that Oprah Winfrey was a hoe and Maya Angelous was a prostitute to make a point during a recent Twitter rant.

On Sunday, the once proclaimed "Supa Head" was drawing a comparison between how some women have used the sexual abuse in their past to become smarter and stronger businesswomen and leaders. She tried to explain on Twitter that a woman's dark past isn't an indicator for what she can become.

Karrine tweeted that she was "kidnapped, held down and raped for three days at 13 years old with soap as lubricant." 

"I was a virgin," she revealed on Twitter. 

The 37-year-old author, who recently married former Scandal actor Columbus Short, pissed off some people when she referred to Oprah's childhood rape and the effects it had on her. 

In one tweet, Karrine said: "Oprah used coke. Don't tell me you respect this woman but not others who have done the same things & grown from it."

Check out more of Karrine's Twitter rant below:

What do you think? Do you agree with what Karrine is saying?

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