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NEWS: Harriet Tubman Will Soon Replace Andrew Jackson's Face On The $20 Bill!

Images of Civil War abolitionist Harriet Tubman will grace the center of the new redesigned $20 bills where she will replace former President Andrew Jackson.

The long-awaited decision keeps Alexander Hamilton, one of the U.S. founding fathers, on the front of the $10 bill — though suffragists who fought to give women the right to vote will be added to the back of the bill, the Treasury Department confirmed, according to NBC News
Last year, the U.S. Treasury surprised advocates who were pressing to get a woman on the $20 bill, by announcing a woman would go on the redesigned $10 bill, instead. That plan met with criticism by those who pushed for Jackson to be replaced instead, according to NBC News
Tubman is famous for helping lead slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad.
The new redesigned bills should be ready by 2020.
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