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Diddy says he played himself by not marrying Kim Porter

Diddy is still mourning the loss of his former girlfriend and mother of his kids, model Kim Porter, who suddenly passed away in November of last year at the young age of 47 from lobar pneumonia. 

As expected, Kim's shocking death took a toll on her loved ones, including Diddy who has used social media as a way to pay tribute to Kim throughout his grieving process.

Well, as usual, social media can be a cruel place and not everyone feels sorry for the 49-year-old hip hop mogul who was in an on and off relationship with Kim for many years.

Diddy posted a throwback picture of him and Kim on Sunday as he reflects on her life, and one Instagram user wasn't having it.

"When she was alive you didn't wanna marry her. Confused Negro. GTFOH," the Instagram user wrote in Diddy's comments.


Diddy, who is also recently single after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Cassie, responded to the rude comment and simply wrote:

"I know. Played myself smh."

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