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Sephora will close its stores on June 5 for diversity training after SZA says she was profiled

Sephora will close more than 400 stores in the United States on the morning of June 5 to host inclusion workshops for its employees, according to a statement posted on the company's website. 

The announcement follows a claim recently made by R&B singer SZA who said she was racially profiled while shopping at a Sephora store in California. 

The training will also include employees in Sephora’s distribution centers and corporate offices, the company said. 

On April 30, SZA said that she was shopping for Fenty Beauty products at a Calabasas store outside of Los Angeles when an employee, who she nicknamed "Sandy Sephora," called security to make sure she wasn't stealing. "We had a long talk," SZA wrote in a tweet. "U have a blessed day Sandy."

Sephora apologized to the Grammy-nominated singer on Twitter a day after she made the complaint. 

"You are a part of the Sephora family, and we are committed to ensuring every member of our community feels welcome and included at our stores," Sephora said. "We want to let you know we take complaints like this very seriously and are actively working with our teams to address the situation immediately." 

 Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, recently sent a gift card and a handwritten note to SZA that read, "Go buy yo’ Fenty Beauty in peace sis! One love, Rihanna," which SZA shared on her Instagram Story. 

Other retailers including Nike, Papa John’s and Starbucks instituted diversity training programs in the last year after similar allegations of racial profiling.

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