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4 Loko Makes People Loco Alright! Illegal Selling

Four Loko or what some call "Blackout in a can" was banned in several states like New York, Michigan, Oklahoma, Utah, Washington and many college campuses.

Similar legislation found its way to New Jersey and many people were sad to see these cans banned.

The FDA announced that alcohol and caffeine are not a safe combination.

"The alcoholic energy drink has sent many young people to the hospital and some have been reported dead."

Four Loko contains as much caffeine as three cups of coffee and as much alcohol as three cans of beer, 12 percent alcohol by volume, all in a 23.5 ounce can.

Recently, three women got busted for selling the banned cans of Four Loko to undercover police. There price was three cases of Four Loko for $335 – a more than 200 percent mark-up from its retail price. That even included a $47 delivery charge.

Clink on the link below for more on the article from The Record.

Illegal Selling

Being that I'm a coffee fanatic I thought I would like this drink, but I'm not a fan of it. When I tried Four Loko for the first and last time it felt like my heart was racing out of control and all I could do was lay down, not a good feeling! I rather just drink four cans of beer.

What's ironic about this story is as soon as news got out that Four Loko was going to be taken off shelves in New Jersey, my immediate thought was buy a bunch of cans and sell them to people for more money lol. So game recognizes game ladies, but your game landed you to selling them to the wrong people. It's not even worth trying to make extra money because I don't look good in stripes.


  1. I drink them because I like how they make me feel all sexy.


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