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A World Without Music

You ever sit back and thought....Hmmm... how would my life be if music didn't exist?

Well I drive 45 minutes to work and during that time random thoughts pop into my head. This is what happens with no music:

# 1) Driving in a car by yourself in silence would be crazy. There would be no music to play in your car. And if radio stations did exist without music there would just be people talking...about what tho? Politics? They sure can't talk about music artists.

# 2) A lot of jobs would be cut! DJ's wouldn't have music to spin...there would be no musicians, singers, rappers, producers...oh boy the list goes on and on.

# 3) There would be no 2 stepping on the dance floor...what would we do at parties without music? Besides drinking tho

# 4) No concerts..nope none at all. Seeing your favorite group or singer wouldn't even exist because obviously they have nothing to sing therefore no concerts for you to go to.

#5) Okay sceneraio #1: Your boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped you and you don't feel like talking to anybody. What do you turn to? That's of those sad, slow songs that you can relate to. Those songs say all the right words at the right time. But, none of that without music.

#6) Sceneraio #2:  It's somebody's birthday..what do you do? You can't sing the birthday doesn't exist without music.

#7) No Ipods, CDs, MP3 players, etc.

#8) No music video's

#9) No dancing in the mirror while getting dressed in the morning (Or is that just me?)

And last but not least...

#10) The world would in some way be BORING!

***Any other scenerio's or thoughts on how the world would be without music? Write them underneath here!


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