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It's time for WTF Wednesday's. On this day I'll post a disturbing picture, news, or thought that deserves a WTF!

Cornelius Dupree Jr.
Charged in 1979 with raping and robbing a 26-year-old woman
 Sentenced in 1980 to 75 years in prison for aggravated robbery
(Photo taken from Yahoo News)

There was big news yesterday about a Texan man who was wrongly imprisoned and was locked up for 30 YEARS because of it! He refused to admit he was a sex offender because he knew he was innocent.

On top of that,Texas has freed over 40 wrongly convicted people since 2001. They need to get their system together, something sounds fishy over there. According to Yahoo, under Texas compensation laws for the wrongly imprisoned, Dupree is eligible for $80,000 for each year he was behind bars, plus a lifetime annuity. He could receive $2.4 million in a lump sum, tax free.

This deserves a big WTF!!! I'm sorry millions sounds like a lot of money but no amount of money can buy the amount of time that man had to do behind bars. He went to jail in his twenties! He missed out on a big part of his life and nothing can bring that time back to him. 

If that was me I would have gone right back in jail for the stuff I would have done to the jury, police, and anybody who had something to do with my case back then for putting me in jail for something I didn't do.


  1. This story stinks but at least it has a happy ending. He's married to someone he met in jail and he's rich. Can't buy time but this helps a little...

  2. True..I would have went postal on the judge, the cops, the jury, the girl who was the reason why he was in jail, and the people who denied his requests to get out. And then I would be back in jail lol


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