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Tell It! Tuesdays-What needs to be banned!

Topic taken from Twitter, this is my list:

# I wish I can ban...
  • skinny jeans on men
  • rainbow hairlines a.k.a lace front wigs
  • people over 70 from driving
  • being in debt after college
    Lil' Kim
    Oh you fancy hunh? lol Not!
    (Photo Taken from Google Images)
  • dumb people who can't spell from posting on social networking sites
  • plastic surgery
  • ticket maids who stand by your car waiting for the time to be up on your meter
  • people who are on Section 8 but manage to have big flatscreens throughout their house and a better car than me
  • retail workers who don't speak English
  • the "Baby Mama" title
  • snow and cold weather
  • press on finger nails and toe nails
  • the hype about Justin Bieber
    Not cute Diddy.
    "Take that...Take that" out your mouth!
    (Photo taken from Google Images)
  • high taxes in New Jersey
  • grown men rocking grillz
  • grillz period!
  • Nicki Minaj haters
  • the "Whatup Ma!" pick up line from men
  • the young moms who are in the clubs every night knowing they got like four kids waiting for them at home
  • cocky crossing guards who act like they're policemen


  1. I agree with a ban on college debt. And there should be a class that helps you find a job while your in school so when you get out life doesn't suck.


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