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Basketball Wives-Ex of a Miami Heat Player to Join Season 3

Who will win in a fight?
Most Dramatic Moments of Season 2 Tami?    or     Evelyn?

Well the photos below show Tami, yet again, starting with Evelyn and this time there is actual contact in the season finale of Basketball Wives airing next Sunday.

Today comdian Patrice O'Neal took a look back on the top 10 moments of Basketball Wives showing some of the most dramatic moments of season 2, like the fight that started with Jennifer and Tami over foodstamps. He also showed flashbacks of season 1, like the boxing match between Gloria and Royce.

Chris Bosh's Ex
Now I already informed you before that Suzie will not be joining the ladies in season 3.
Supposdly Royce may be replaced as well by alleged stalker, Allison Mathis, former girlfriend of Miami Heat's player Chris Bosh.

Oh boy, will she just be another bitter ex? And will she fit in "the circle"?

Read more about his ex here!

Next week: Evelyn and Chad Ochocinco cozy up together. Those two were recently spotted together on a beach.

Also on next week's episode, Tami and Evelyn will have a show down. Here are some pics of the season finale:

Evelyn has a secret she has to tell!

Yes that blonde hair is Evelyn's and Tami is pulling it, aww can you feel the love?

And Tami hits Evelyn...The End.