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The Game! - Finally It's Getting Better

Last time I posted about BET's The Game I was disappointed in the show and in some of the ways the characters were being portrayed on this new season. Well finally the show picked up, in my opinion, and is reminiscent of how The Game used to be.

We saw Tasha's love life with Donte dwindle as her son Malik finally has one. In the beginning of this season I wasn't feeling Terrance J playing Tasha's younger love interest, but when he set her straight at that table last week, that's when I started feeling his character. He confronted her on still having feelings for Rick Fox as she was supposed to secretly meet up with him for dinner but Donte actually showed up instead. 

He told the waiter, "you know what I don't need that drink" and told Tasha, "I don't need this either" as he gave back her key. He sure knows how to handle her and himself well for a young guy.

I'm glad Malik is getting himself together. It's about damn time! I'm tired of seeing him acting like a jerk.

On yesterday's show he finally apologized to Tee Tee and we saw that Tee Tee is with the same girl, Allison, the one who cheated on him with Malik in his hot tub. Why is Tee Tee still with her?

On next week's episode Malik goes on The Monique Show and confesses that he's in love. I already saw that coming. I think him and the model chick from rehab make a cute couple. She was there for him when no one else was. I just hope she doesn't play him out because I feel like Malik will be an even hotter mess if anymore wrong happens to him. I guess this means no more Meagan Good.

Now what's going on with Jason and Kelly?

Like really guys, just get back together. I could feel the love between them towards the end when Kelly told Jason she had to go away for a little to get herself together.

I hope this isn't a way to have her character off the show for awhile. And I'm glad her little reality show is done because I got tired of seeing Kelly parading around with a camera crew all the time.

Kelly was killing me when she was dancing on rapper Fabolous at the club while he was performing as a shocked Melanie and Tasha looked on. 

And that little Brittany has grown up, now a teenager with attitude. I just wanted to reach into the TV screen and smack her for talking to her mother that way. Jason better get that little girl under control.

Everything seems fine between Derwin and Melanie...for now. There was no Janay in yesterdays episode.

I do think Melanie's character needs to step up a little more, I feel like she's losing her shine and she's the main character out of all of them.

Well now I can really mean this...I can't wait for next week's episode and I wish the show was an hour long!