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Game On! - Results

Is Melanie the one for Derwin?
They are really a cute couple.
Too bad Tia Mowry is married in real life.
83%-yes they are meant to be together

This is not surprising. Of course these two love birds should be together but Melanie needs to tone the uppityness down a notch.

Who should Malik settle down with?
This scene is hot but so wrong.
83%-He's a player he'll never settle down
16%-Meagan Good

16 percent of you voted for Meagan Good! Really? Yes she's pretty and it looks like her and Malik her having fun but she is a married woman. She's just as wrong as Malik. He needs to get his stuff together because Teet Tee is gone!
Aww back during the better days of The Game

Will Jason and Kelly get back together?
This ended up being a split vote!
50% of you said yes and the other half said no...interesting.

I hope they eventually get back together. It was funny watching the cheap Jason while they were married and the nicer Kelly.