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Tell It Tuesdays!-The Game is Going Down the Drain!

Dear BET,

I'm officially not satisfied with The Game anymore. Many people are complaining that the show needs to be an hour long but it was always a half-hour long except for the first episode of this season. Time doesn't concern me. What concerns me is what we're seeing within the 15-20 minutes after commercials.

The characters are over scripted and they have drastically changed since the previous seasons. The only character that is the same is Tasha who has the same attitude and sense of humor (minus the cougar part). But Malik is too over the top for me now, Melanie is too stuck up and I'm not feeling the new single Kelly.

New Kelly with the camera crew following her around is not doing it for me. I miss long hair, host of the sunbeam meetings, drinking wine Kelly.

The only part I actually enjoyed from last weeks episode included Jazz and she's not even a main character! Tee Tee's character has completely lost it for me. He used to be funny and had good punch lines. Now he's just a sad character who I feel sorry for because Malik keeps playing him out.

I don't even rush home to watch the show anymore like I used to. If the show doesn't get the views that it needs I'm scared it might be taken off the air yet again. And I don't want that to happen because I am, like many others, a fan of The Game.

I heard the show has the same writers so what exactly is going on? Please get it together and make it better because right now I'm more into watching the old seasons on DVD rather than watching the new episodes.

- From a Very Annoyed Fan