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Jersey Shore-Prank Wars & Sammie Returns


Two weeks ago the show picked back up from the episode of Sam leaving, the same scene we kept seeing in previous previews in which we all expected her to.

"I rather die standing than live on my knees," is some of Situations advice for Ronnie to get over Sammie. He's already a snitch, but Dr. Situation he is not. If i was Ronnie I wouldn't listen to any advice from him.

Ronnie realized he lost something good and that he destroyed the relationship. Oh really Ron? People always realize things when it's too late. Then he cries in the bathroom at work. Hey he wanted to use the smush room and be "single Ronnie" and now that he's free he's crying..HA! He sends flowers to Sammie's house and keeps calling her...PATHETIC!

Team 'Meatballs' vs Team 'Bromance'

The prank wars start up again with Snookie putting cake in Vinnie's hair.

Vinnie hangs Snookie's crocodile over the balcony by it's neck and Snookie goes crazy over the missing stuffed animal.
Snitch Mike of course tells her where it is...way to go Mike you just cant keep your mouth shut about anything...smh. They called him the Snitch-uation for that one.

"You can put Deena and Nichole's brain together and it still wouldn't equal mine," says Vinnie.

In yesterday's episode the prank wars continued as Team Meatballs marshmellowed the house.

Mike decides to pull the ultimate prank in re-routing their cab drive to Times Square. Now remember these girls aren't that smart.

Like Mike says, "Deena and Snookie defy the law of intelligence."

These girls could have turned around at anytime and tell the cab driver to take them back. Instead they sat there while they were going further and further away from Jersey. Dumb and dumber I tell you.

They finally figure out Mike's taxi prank and return home mad at Mike, Pauly and Vinnie. Snookie is just mad at Vinnie because he doesn't want to snuggle.

But Pranks isn't the only thing keeping Snookie busy as she kept it in the family with smushing a couple of guys and got busted as they found out about each other.

Snookie is always saying she has feelings for Vinnie but she should learn from Ronnie and Sammie's house hook up that it's probably not a good idea to fall in love with a roommate.

I almost left out the fact that Mike was taking forever to get ready when the boys wanted to go out to eat so they left him. Mike gets upset and buys his own dinner to eat back at the house alone as he has conversations with imaginary cast members.

Towards the end of yesterday's episode, the crew gets ready to head out to the club and in walks Sammie.

Ronnie's face was priceless as his smile quickly vanished. Oh boy here we go again!

On next week's episode Ronnie follows Sammie around paying her compliments. Looks like he's the backpack now.

And according to Us Magazine, Sammie recently took back Ronnie...again!