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Monday Madness-Superbowl XLV

                                 SUPERBOWL WRAP UP

Hundreds of Superbowl fans didn't have seats, Black Eye Peas and Usher performed at halftime, poor Christina Alguilera messed up the words of the National Anthem which struck a nerve to many Twitters and Facebookers and Doritos once again had the best commercials.

I called it. I said whoever wins the coin flip will win the game. 

Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31 to 25. I guess people will stop singing the "Black and Yellow" song and sing the remix "Green and Yellow".

Playing at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the Packers dominated the first half of the game while the Steelers got turnovers and penalties. The six time Superbowl champions didn't score a touchdown until the last minute right before halftime. It was no surprise to me that they were going to lose. 

When Woodson went down with an arm injury, the Steelers then caught up and closed in on the Packers big lead. They responded back as Wallace was open for a touchdown and then the Steelers picked up a two point conversion to bring the score within a three point game. 

In the end, the Packers were the well deserved champs and Aaron Rodgers won MVP with three touchdown passes in the game.

This was a really good game. Don't be mad Steeler fans, they still have the most Superbowl wins in the NFL.

That's all folks. Until next year!