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Ronnie & Sammi Break Up Again as Ronnie Breaks Sammi's Heart and Belongings

Ronnie and Sammi's relationship comes to a destructive ending on the last Jersey Shore episode.

I just watched the new episode of Jersey Shore on my tivo and WOW!

Sammi screamed "I hate you!" like a thousand times to Ronnie. Even when the roomates were trying to break them apart in their fight, closed doors and people between them couldn't keep these two from screaming out the most hurtful things to each other.

Ronnie yells out how the 'smush room' needs to be available for the night which sends Sammi off on a mission to seek revenge and make Ronnie jealous. And boy oh boy did she do a good job to set off the night. 

Her dancing with another guy led to Ronnie's destructive outburst back at the house as he destroyed Sammi's stuff to move everything of hers out their room unto the balcony. A distraught Sammi came back home, saw her ruined items and said enough is enough, called a cab and left the Jersey Shore house to maintain her sanity which led to a crying Ronnie all night.

I'm sorry but it's funny to see a big man cry
This is what happens in relationships when there is a buildup of emotions stuck inside which someone cant get over. Sammie forgave Ronnie for what he did to her in Miami but she could never forget.

The famous note that started all the drama
in Miami on Season 2

These problems led there way back to Jersey on this third episode. Ronnie claims Sammi did him wrong on the first season, but the girl didn't cheat like he did.

During the Jersey Shore after show Ronnie said the dumbest thing, "I rather have it done behind my back because infront of you is complete disrespect." Oh really Ron? You think?

He then goes on to say, "If you're doing it behind their back it shows you love them because you don't want to see them hurt." Looks like someone wants to have their cake and eat it too.

Ronnie is trying to justify the fact that him cheating on Sammi in Miami was better than her dancing with the guy in Jersey because he didn't do it infront of her. Does anybody else see something wrong with this?

The first reunion when Sammi walked off the stage,
and these issues are still not solved
This explosive episode between those two caused me to think about my own issues and how the past is never forgotten. Being in a relationship like that is unhealthy and it was only right for Sammi to leave. It also looks like Ronnie may be leaving the shore house on next weeks episode.

In the after show Ronnie said that was the last straw of their relationship but we've seen these two break up and get back together.

I also don't get why these two aren't paid the most out of all of the cast members. Almost an entire show was devoted to their dysfunctional mess and a lot of last season too.

So do you think it is the end for real this time for Ronnie and Sammi? I did hear that the whole cast will be back together for season 4 when they tape in Italy so I don't know what is in store for this couple. We'll see!

In the end love can be a killer sometimes

Clink on this link below to see a video of Ronnie talking about the aftermath of him and Sammi's fight. He says he doesn't regret destroying her stuff!