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Tell It Tuesdays!-A Sexy Free Valentine Gift

Valentines Day is next week already! What's your plan?

The answer is simple...Strip for your mate!

Put on a show and perform. Keep it classy while exploring a fantasy. You are the entertainer for the night and trust me they'll love it.

Even if your moves are silly and you're not the greatest dancer, just look sexy and remember it's the effort that counts. And if you're not the dancing/performing person that's even more of a reason to do this because your mate would 
                                                           be shocked!

Don't have a stripper pole? It's okay not everyones house is a designed strip club. Just use other objects for props and dance on or around them, like a chair.

Ladies, why do guys like strip clubs? We all know it's a fantasy provided. Well this Valentine's Day bring that fantasy to him and bring out that inner performer in you.

Trust me this is fun, sexy and good more so for special occasions. Next time, on a birthday, anniversary or even next Valentine's Day, reverse the roles.

I've compiled a top 10 list of my performance/strip/sexy songs...

Grown Folk Music:
(I know some of the titles seem a bit much, but these songs are perfect. I made my CD already.)
This is the time of year
when people shop at Spencers!

#1 Janet Jackson-ROPE BURN
If you don't know about this song just check out the video below of her performing this live. Real sexy, enough said! Oh and ladies...don't forget a prop, like a hat, a feather boa, a blindfold or some rope. And you don't need the pole to perform to this song.

#2 R. Kelly-STRIP FOR YOU 
Men: Don't forget to show up in that trench coat like R. Kelly says in this song. Lol

R. kelly is that man when it comes to songs like this. You just 
                                                          have to listen to these words.

#4 Rihanna-SKIN
This is one of the newer songs on this list. On her new CD Loud Rihanna says it best in this song, "No heels, no shirt, no skirt all I'm in is just skin."

#5 Ciara-PROMISE
You saw this video right? Very sexy and the perfect strip song.

#6 Usher-DO IT TO ME
"I got two dozen roses and a card that says baby I can't wait to see you later," aww one of the perfect Valentine Day songs, make it a night to remember.

#7 Adina Howard-TEASE
Well if you know her songs you know most of them are sexy, but I like this one the most. A good strip song.

Okay this is one of the older songs on this list, I believe from 1997 but it made my top ten. This song has a little bit of that Al Green flavor to it, a nice beat to dance and groove to and great for that special somebody.

#9 Britney Spears-GIMME MORE 
Ladies: This is more of an upbeat song to strip to compared to the other songs on the list. Britney dances on a pole in this video too, but like I said before if you don't have one it's ok. You don't have to copy the moves in this video but the hair whipping is always a sexy move.

#10 Tweet-OOPS (Oh My)
Last but not least is this song Oops. I like this song because it's a little kinky, sexy and playful to dance to. You can also play along with what she says in the chorus..."Oops there goes my shirt up over my head," well take your shirt off!

Extra Bonus Songs: R. Kelly-SLOW WIND           
                                                          Usher-CAN YOU HANDLE IT
                                                          Changing Faces-STROKE YOU UP
                                                          Janet Jackson-WOULD YOU MIND

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                            Happy Valentines Day!