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Tell It Tuesdays!-The Situation's Technique on how to Ditch a Grenade Stalker

The 'Stiff' move
I had to pause the TV and take a picture of this one lol

Jersey Shore's Mike 'The Situation' offers some advice and tips on the after hour show on how to get away from a Grenade a.k.a an ugly fat duckling.

On this season there have been many stalkers on the Jersey Shore that have been aired and un-aired. Mike has his moves to dodge the ugly girls when he's caught in a situation and this is what he says...

"If a Grenade, A-Bomb or Tank is coming after you and you don't have time to do the spin when they come barreling through, you can do the 'stiff' and then get to a phone real quick and call for help."

The Grenade Whistle Blows!
There are also different stages of ugly-duckling syndrome. According to MVP (Mike, Vinnie, Pauly) these stages are:

-Grenade Launcher
-The Tank

When cliques travel together they should also have some type of code or signal like MVP. These boys have the Grenade whistle to alert each other of when ugly girls are present without actually making the Grenade aware that she's the Grenade.

According to the boys, if you get yourself into this you have to abort the mission! Lol. Jersey Shore has the funniest terms. I guess Grenades won't ever be 'Jersey Turnpiking' on these boys.