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Ex-Basketball Wives-Drama in Madrid

A picture of the ladies in Madrid
Okay so the argument I've been waiting for happened. Evelyn and Tami's little showdown was destined to happen between these two hot heads.

Let's recap this week's episode...
The ladies head to Madrid for Fashion Week on Shaunie's tab. Everyone is having a ball and drinking, well minus Royce who was sick. The trio (Evelyn, Jennifer & Shaunie) weren't buying Royce's illness in the beginning and made fun of her while Royce called them the mean girls. Ooooh snap! 

Is it me or does Royce look like a little girl while hanging out with the rest of the crew? Lol.

Jen met Marcel, the man who owns the watch company, at an after party. Jen comes to find out Marcel is a married man. You would think this means he is off limits but Jen she says we'll see what happens. What happens in Madrid stays in Madrid, which was the girls slogan for the vacation.

The ladies also got to try on clothes while Royce stayed back. Former Real World cast member Tami looked on as Evelyn was modeling designer gowns. It seemed like Tami may have been a tad bit jealous. I can tell by the look in her face as she watching Evelyn flaunt around. C'mon Evelyn is gorgeous and Tami just had plastic surgery, so there may be some little insecurities there which is exactly what Evelyn pointed out in their argument.

Alcohol + Tami = a disaster waiting to happen!

Once again we see Tami starting an argument after her drinking.

In the next scene we see Shaunie and Tami walking and talking. Tami tells her she's not Jen she doesn't need Evelyn, "If Jennifer didn't have Evelyn she wouldn't be s#!t and that's not Tami's world."

BFF's Evelyn & Jennifer
Tami does make a point there. Evelyn and Jen are two peas in a pod, BFF's for life. Then Shaunie plays both sides and starts instigating what Evelyn said, reminding Tami that Evelyn said she needs therapy, not cool Shaunie.

While Tami was going in on Evelyn, Shaunie should have at least said 'ohhh don't say that' or 'you need to talk to her'. Don't stand there and listen to your friend talk crap about your other friend then join in.

The last minor agreement happened between Shaunie and Royce after Evelyn confronted Royce about her mean girl comment.

Shaunie asked Royce, "why did you come here." She responds, "because it's Spain." Yeah and it's free! And Tami mumbles, "this has been some vacation" while sipping her beer. Enough drinks Tami! You should be cut off for the remander of the trip.

These women are too damn grown to be acting petty like that all the time. I guess being 'cliqued' up goes beyond high school. At least Tami and Evelyn came face to face in the end and talked out there issues. But their relationship seems fake if you ask me.

On the next episode: Susie and Tami have a talk, where it seems like Susie warns Tami about Royce. Tune in next week to VH1's Basketball Wives or what I like to call the show 'Ex' Basketball Wives.