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Throwback Thursdays-Is Jackson's Famous Optical Illusion a Trick?...Oh Bummer

Michael Jackson
 Smooth Criminal video
When I was a kid I used to think Michael Jackson was a magician.
I used to always try to lean forward while keeping the heels of my feet pressed to the floor but I was always unsuccessful as I would fall forward and out of place. Then I would always say, "How does he do that!?"

Well one day I was listening to 105.1 FM, the breakfast club in the morning. They were talking about MJ and one of the guys said his producer told him there was a screw in his shoe which allowed MJ to lean so far forward and not fall.

As I was listening I was like "No way!" So of course I had to do some research on this myself.

MJ pattoned his shoes!

Years later I find out this answer. Well I guess MJ was like a magician after all because not all magicians do real magic, there's always a trick behind it to make it seem like it's real.

I talked to a couple people who went to MJ concerts back in the day. They said there's no way he could have pattoned his shoes because they saw him do it live.

Why am I just finding out about this? Did everybody else know this already?

This feels like when you're a kid and you find out there is no Santa, Tooth Fairy or Easter 
Bunny. I've been bamboozled!

Click on the link below for more on the shoe story and to see a video of the famous MJ lean:
Smooth Criminal


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