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Bad Girls Club-Battle of the Jersey Chicks

So new girl Ashley goes home over last Monday's explosive fight with Kori as there was a battle between the barbies.

Both girls ended up with black eyes and in the end, I must say Kori won, she got more hits in. I think the whole beef between the girls started because Kori was jealous of how beautiful Ashey is. I also don't think it's right that Kori gets to stay in the house, she should go home as well.

The 3rd replacement
Last night we saw new girl, Wilmarie come in to replace Ashley. The girls got a surprise when the limo driver made a stop on their night out to the club to pick the new girl up.

Right away Jennifer starts making fun of Wilmarie's name and doesn't like her. We then come to find out Wilmarie is from Passaic, New Jersey...another Jersey chick!

Her and Jennifer get into it on her first night over the house phone and the new girl is not one to be messed with. She says her "hood" Passaic is harder than where Jennifer lives, which is Bergen County.

Wilmarie automatically gravitates towards Lauren and Nikki and it becomes two Jersey girls versus one.

Char said the state New Jersey has a problem because of the three girls in the house representing Jersey. Well Char has a problem as she is always running away from her battles. She's so classy right, but we've seen her stoop down to Nicky's level and act childish in previous episodes.

You're not too classy here Char
I like the new girl so far, she seems like she can hold her own, but in response to the comment Wilmarie said about Jersey and fist! Not everyone from Jersey does the fist pump and it's not in our blood.

Manly Nikki
Jessica's brother also came to visit the bad girls house in this episode and got wasted and pee'd on himself in the bed. Wilmarie also got drunk and pee'd on herself as well. Like really guys? You're too old for that.

Well three girls left the house already and Nikki says Jersey girl, Jennifer is next on her list as she calls her the epiteme of "weak sauce."

Next week there's another fight of course, this time between Lauren and Jessica.