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Love & Hip Hop Premiere

Love & Hip Hop premiered tonight on VH1 and it sort of reminds me of Basketball Wives with the ladies success revolving around famous men. 

The show is about five women who all have one thing common...hip hop. It focuses on the music industry and their men in it and also two of the ladies trying to make it in the hip hop industry.

The ladies of the show are Chrissy (rapper, Jim Jones girlfriend), Olivia (singer/rapper, former first lday of G-Unit), Emily (girlfriend and stylist of rapper, Fabolous), Somaya (upcoming rap artist) and Mashonda (ex-wife of producer/rapper Swizz Beatz).

Jim Jones who said he's a hustler says, "Use your feminism as much as you can to get your point across." And it sucks to say, but this quote is true. These female rappers come out and they always need a man behind them to bring them up into the spotlight. Like Somaya who is shown working with Jim Jones on the show.

It was said in the show that Olivia's solo career hasn't taken off..umm she started off as a solo artist. I remember her before G-Unit when she came out with her song Bizounce back in 2000.

Olivia says to MTV, “We have a lot of scenes together,” says Olivia, referring to Emily and Chrissy. “So you get to see the relationships and how we bond when you see me with these two women... It's a big deal for me because a lot of people also don't know that really I can sing, sing. So that was another reason why this would be a good opportunity.” 

Now Emily, Fab's girlfriend, I've never heard of her until this show and they've been together for eight years and have a kid together! She's probably getting played.

Chrissy, Jim Jones' girlfriend, who she calls Jimmy, has been with him for six years. She is ready to pop off on anybody over her man, like we saw in the scene when she went to the boxing ring to see him.

Jim Jones and Chrissy

Then the ladies were at club Amnesia in NYC and Chrissy walks past Somaya in the club and looks her up and down.

"She walked up like she was a gangsta whats good," Chrissy says to Somaya. Chrissy claimed not to be jealous of her but was ready to fight her in the bathroom.

Also coming up in the season it looks like Chrissy and Jim Jones' mother don't get along and Chrissy proposes to him to keep her man, oh boy!

Swizz left Mashonda (pictured above) for Alicia Keys
Mashonda, ex-wife of producer/rapper Swiss Beatz also made an appearance on the show.

She said she fought for her family and it got her nowhere. She had a heart to heart with Emily who admitted she doesn't want to give up on Fabolous.

Well this show seems like it will be full of drama to the max and I'm sure viewers won't be able to keep their eyes off of it.