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Chris Brown Snaps Again & Has a New Video Too

Chris Brown just can't seem to control that temper of his.

Robin Roberts
He has been all over lately promoting his new album F.A.M.E which dropped today. He was on Good Morning America recently talking to show host Robin Roberts who asked him about the 2009 drama with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Recently Chris' restraining order has been lifted so he can now be at public places at the same time as Rihanna. So Roberts asked him about this. Brown responds that he just wants to focus on the album.

Good response Chris.

The host insisted on talking about Rihanna and I guess this pushed Chris too far and he blew up after the interview smashing a window in his dressing room by throwing a chair at it.

Supposedly glass was visible from outside of the building at 43rd Street and Broadway in Manhattan, luckily noone got hurt.

Tisk Tisk. Not a good look Chris.

The photo above was being taken of Chris storming out of the studio with his shirt off.

So long for clearing up his name from the 2009 drama.

He then supposedly wrote an angry tweet saying how he was so over people bringing his past up and then deleted it.

Maybe this will generate more album sales for him. He also has a new video for his song Beautiful People.