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Goodbye Jersey Shore...Until Next Season

So yesterday was the season finale of the Jersey Shore guys but no need to be sad, we'll see them again for a season 4 when they invade Italy.

The finale started off with obvious denial on Sammi's part that she fooled around with her "friend" Arvin. Then she finally admits to Ronnie that she did fool around with him but years ago.

Ronnie gets upset but technically him and Sammi weren't together. 

Even when Sammi told Arvin to meet her at the club, her and Ronnie were still broken up. And who can forget how Ronnie treated her in Miami. I'm not saying what Sammi did was right but karma is a bitch and Ronnie got his. 

And Mike is the biggest hater ever! From the beginning of Sammi and Ronnie's relationship he wanted to see them fail since he couldn't get Sammi in season 1, that was no secret. I love how all of a sudden Mike is backing up Ronnie 100%, "oh that's my boy and you're busted" he says to Sammi. 

Mike plays both sides. Last season he was on Sammi's side when the whole note situation went down and he even hinted that Ronnie cheated on her. What a drama starter.

The roommates have one last barbecue with friends and family. Deena dances on Vinnie's uncle Nino. Vinnie tries to talk to Deena's best friend. Deena comes between the two and says she won't let that happen and tells her best friend that Snookie is talking to Vinnie.

Vinnie then gets mad at Deena for blocking and when the roommates return to the house he calls her out and says, "I just thought she wasn't Angelina" and everyone looks in shock.

Oh no he didn't use the "A" word! Lol. Vinnie says Deena is like Angelina because if she's not having a good time nobody is.

Jenni and Roger
The last night at the club and after:

Jenni and Roger decide to become exclusive and do the whole boyfriend/girlfriend deal. I'm happy for her because she had an unhealthy relationship with her ex.

The new couple was also recently photographed at a club making an appearance at Whisper Nightclub in Philadelphia, PA.

And according to her and Snookie may be getting a pilot for a reality show

"We're not sure what's going on with [the pilot] right now, but we're keeping our fingers crossed," she says talking about her after-Jersey Shore plans.

Ok. Well back to Ronnie and Sammi who were the drama king and queen of this season. 

So Sammi and Mike (fake) squash their beef and Mike apologizes to her. Some more arguing takes place between Ronnie and Sammi with the usual name calling and a bunch of "eff you's".

"My biggest regret in my life is you!" Sammi screams to Ronnie. "Don't ever talk to me or look at me ever again you idiot." Code for that means she loves him even more.

The next and last morning at the shore house Ronnie decides that it's over and now he's the one who needs space. Those two are a trip. They totally messed up their time in Miami and now this season in Jersey. Ronnie says he wishes he never broke what he said in the first season which was not falling in love at the Jersey Shore.

I'm glad Snookie and Vinnie stayed friends with benefits because Ronnie and Sammi arguing is enough.

Now let's end this recap with a dumb funny quote from Snookie. This is what she said at the end of the finale...

"After I run for president Deena is going to by my Vice President. I will get sh*t done in this country. The economy would rise, everyone would be tan and all the radio stations would play house music."

Snookie who always worries if her "cuca" is out, also made an appearance at WWE and hosted last week's Monday Night Raw. 

You can check her out in action next Sunday teaming up with former WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania on Pay-per-view.

Well that's all, this season is a wrap.