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Tell It Tuesdays-Sweet Inner Revenge


There's nothing like passing by an ex, or someone you used to crush on hard and they never paid you the time of day in the past and seeing how they went from being all that before to all of nothing now.

As I think, good he caught me on a day that I really look good. This is also one of those moments when you're like...AWKWARD! But ohhh how I played it off cool.

It all works out for you in this type of situation. You look at him...or her, browsing over their face, body and clothes and quickly because you don't want them to catch you staring. Then you peep that they changed. Yeah we all get older and gain some pounds but they changed for the worst.

Suddenly you realize their good looks have disappeared and is that a tummy now? That wasn't there eight years ago.

Then the wife and kids walk over. Years ago just the thought of them having kids or getting married to someone else would upset you. Of course you would think, "that should be me." But in this situation you're like "thank goodness that wasn't me."

He introduces you to their significant other. You kindly smile and say, "Aww congrats, I didn't know," as you smile at the kids ever so fake and say "aww" once again.

You heard he got married and had kids already from your friends who kept talking about it. In your mind now you're like, wow I look way better than her.

He gives you this look. His face brightens up and he smiles, he looks you over and says, "wow you look great."

His wife gives him the, "I'm gonna handle you when  we get home" look. She then speaks to break the gaze and asks you if you're married? Any kids? And you say nope ever so proudly and smile inside.

But every woman wants to get married. You're just happy you're doing way better than him. He doesn't even look too happy in his situation.

Then you say, "Well I have to go because my boyfriend is waiting for me outside." Oh of course you have to throw in the fact that you do have a man.

"Well bye," you say. "Good luck with everything."

You turn around and strut out the store and smile knowing that for the next couple of days, if not longer he'll be thinking about how great you look now.

I guess it's wrong that I was so ecstatic over the fact that he looked like crap but it felt good. Do I care? Absolutely not! Was I bitter? Yea years ago.


this feeling felt so good to me as I knew the day would come when I would run into him again. And boy oh boy was that the best day for us to cross paths.

Things happen for a reason. So thank you for walking away back then.