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Beyonce is Back!

Watch out Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Gaga! 

Beyonce is back to steal all the shine and flood the radio airwaves with her upcoming album (supposedly titled Round IV) that's supposed to drop in June. Round IV possibly because it's her fourth solo album?

Beyonce's new single and pictures of the video shoot got leaked on the web recently. It is unclear of the exact title of the song, Girl or Girls (Who Run the World) are said to be possibilities.

She also recently cut off her father as a manager and is working with new producers.

I heard a snippet of the song on the radio earlier which sounds like a club song and I'm not really feeling it yet, but I am ready to hear some more Beyonce, its been awhile since she came out with a new album.

Pictures taken from Celebrity Mania

Beyonce supposedly during her video shoot for her new song