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Da Brat is Back Spitting Fire in New Remixes

It has been awhile since we heard new music from Da Brat. Released from jail recently, she's back after completing a three year sentence for a crime she committed back in 2007.

Now she's making new music with her So So Def partner, Jermaine Dupri (J.D.) and Dondria in a Kanye West remix called; "Turnt Up (All of the Lights Remix)"

She's also in another very hot remix circulating around on the web on Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" with J.D. She's like the female Busta Rhymes in her usual style of spitting tough, fast rhymes in this song.

"Well I'm feelin' like a winner 'cause I'm free, I ain't gotta walk around as an inmate/ And I been off the scene for a minute, but I'm back in effect and the fact is I'm great/ Couldn't wait for the parole board to go and gimme a release date..." says Da Brat in the "Look At Me Now" remix.

I always like to see the female rappers around so welcome back Brat and keep spitting that fire. If you like Chris Brown's original version then you gonna loooveee this remix. Take a listen to both songs below: