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DJ Mister Cee Troubles...What 50 Cent says and So what if he's gay

For the past week there has been big gossip going around about well known Hot97 DJ Mister Cee being arrested for having oral sex with a man in a parked car. And this is not the first time rumors like this surfaced around about him being with a man. It is now being said that he was transvestite.

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Hot 97 DJ, Funkmaster Flex and morning cohost Charlamagne from 105.1 FM recently squared off during an on air beef over Mister Cee. Read more below:

What do I think?
I don't judge people and this is a sensitive topic with all the latest gay-bullying reports. All I have to say is if he is what! What does it matter to you? And another thing..public sex, especially in a car is never a good idea, especially if you're well-known. So maybe he should have gotten some private space.

Check out a couple of the latest trending topics about Mister Cee on Twitter and I must say ouch! Most peope are not giving him any slack whatsoever.

Fellas if u sing Katy Perry Fireworks out loud. Go strut ur stuff on 42nd st n wait 4 Mr. Cee 2 pick u up then

Mr. Cee is a legend that brought us Kane and Biggie. He could do a cover of "Last Night a BJ Saved My Life" for all I care.
One Man Band!

Its no longer No Homo its No Mr Cee via @ Lmao