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The Game Cast on the Monique Show: Part 1

The show that had 7.7 million viewers on its season premiere broke records as the highest rated show in the history of cable television of all time.

Wendy Raquel Robinson (Tasha), Hosea Chanchez (Malik) and Pooch Hall (Derwin) were on the The Mo'Nique Show last night discussing highlights of the show and their characters.

I put this picture up because doesn't Tia's husband,
Corey Hardrict look like Pooch Hall here?
Tia Mowry (Melanie) was present via-satellite and Coby Bell (Jason) wasn't able to join them as he was in Miami taping the show Burn Notice.

There was no mention of Brittany Daniel (Kelly) who is more of a reoccuring character now and supposedly was only in contract to appear in six episodes out of the 13 that aired.

Monique asked the cast what they thought of Season 4...

Wendy says Season 4 is very interesting because it was a launching pad for so many possibilites. So hopefully we see some of the unanswered questions in season 4 get answered in the next possible season.

"We just need more time, we need that hour," she says.

Pooch says the material is out there so there are many ways the show can go. If fans want an hour long show they should make it happen, we got the show to return in the first place.

The creater of The Game Facebook page, Stacey Mattock's was on the show, her page has over 4 million followers. She was also a big part of the fans bringing the show back as well, according to Monique.

Next week on The Mo'Nique Show more characters of The Game will join in part 2 of the special; Janay, Tee Tee, Jenna, Donte and Parker. Monique also said The Game's head writer and executive producer will be there to answer questions.

So will there be a season 5? No official word on it yet but here's what Wendy Raquel Robinson tweeted a week ago:

Wendy R. Robinson

Heyyyyy! Game on Season 5 B*tch#s!!! Tasha Mack will be be back! Thank you and God!!!!

Check out part of the recent interview below from with Coby Bell discussing The Game:

Season four of The Game just finished airing on BET. Now that you've gone through your first full season back on the air, let's talk about what the experience has been like in general. How different was it for you compared to the first three seasons?
It was very different, because we filmed in Atlanta [instead of Los Angeles]. But it was a blast. We had a lot of fun. We shot it really quickly. We did thirteen episodes in a little over two months, which is insane, and we shot everything at once. Any given day, you could be doing anything from any of the thirteen episodes. I just take it scene by scene.

The show got a lot more serious in season four, which got a mixed reaction from the fans. Did you know going in that season four was going to be more of a drama? What are your thoughts on the tone?
I knew that the tone was shifting more like half and half. The show has been constantly evolving. Season one it was a straight-up sitcom. Season two we got rid of the studio audience. Season three was pretty much all single-camera. If you watch, you take note of what season it is and the tone of the show.

I only did half of the episodes, and all my stuff was basically comedy. I still see the show as a comedy, but the jokes in my opinion are smarter now, so if you're not paying close attention, you could miss a few jokes. It's more subtle.

With you becoming a recurring character, we didn't get a lot of resolution to Jason's storylines. Kelly (Brittany Daniel) didn't appear at all in the season finale.
It was difficult because they didn't know how many episodes they were going to have me for. So I was basically in like every other episode and it was hard to go in-depth. I was really happy with it. But I have no idea what they're planning.