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The Jersey Shore Cast Have to Tone It Down in Italy for Season 4

The Jersey Shore crew is headed to Florence, Italy to tape their fourth season. We're used to seeing their drunken behavior, fights, hook ups and arguments, but all of this may have to be toned down in order to tape in Italy.

As soon as hearing about the show taping season 4 in Italy the cast was happy about it but some Italian's weren't too happy with the Jersey Shore crew heading to their country. Since season 1 Jersey Shore has picked up some slack as giving Italians a bad name.

According to CBS News, Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi has reportedly set down a set of rules to ensure that the cast of the hit reality TV show does not disgrace the historical city and to make sure the cast portrays Florence in a positive way, according to the New York Post.

Here are the Mayor's rules according to CBS News and reports:

- No shooting in bars, clubs or anywhere else that "promotes the reckless consumption of alcohol."
- The cast is prohibited from being filmed while drinking in public.
- Florence can not be portrayed as a "drinking town."
- The cast must interact with authentic Italians in Italian settings, and promote Italy and its "culture and good food"

"I will not allow them to use the Palazzo Vecchio or other historic buildings," the Mayor said, according to the Post, "but I cannot ban them from using our city as a set."

Wow, these rules seems like it wipes out the whole alcohol scene, leaving them stuck in the house to drink. We all know drinking plays a big part in making these reality shows juicy.

Maybe the cast should have stayed at the Jersey Shore. I don't blame the Mayor for not wanting the cast to give the city a bad name but this may change up the concept of the show and the entertaining aspects of it.