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Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy Proposes to Jim Jones

First off Nancy Jones, Jim Jones' mother is a trip! You'll read why, but first the recap of what happened on tonight's Love & Hip Hop:

So the episode I've been waiting for finally aired and it starts with Chrissy wanting to propose to Jim Jones.

"If you love him and you know that he's probably not ready to take that step then you take the initiative," Olivia says to her explaining Chrissy has always done that and Jim comes behind her afterwards.

Why would you encourage her Olivia? I know Chrissy loves him and wants to make their union official but if the man isn't ready why push it?

"It would be nice to have it the traditional way, but ain't sh*t traditional in my life," an emotional Chrissy tells Olivia.

Chrissy says, a lot of men think that marriage means death of a sex life so she decides to take a burlesque class to perform for Jim with the proposal at the end of the performance.

Olivia has a listening party as she's trying to make a come back in the music industry and as she's getting ready Emily comes through. Olivia tells her she's done with the whole Somaya situation and she walks away again.

Chrissy proposing to Jim
Towards the end of the episode as Chrissy is putting on the fake lashes, the makeup and her revealing outfit, she realizes she doesn't want to do the dance anymore as it would take away from the seriousness of her proposing to Jim.

So she puts on regular clothes, heads to a packed room of friends and family and calls Jim to the front. 

Jim's mother says to Olivia, "is there a f*ck!ng engagement going on?" Lol.

Chrissy goes through with the proposal and then the show goes off so we don't know Jim's answer.

On the next show: It looks like momma Jones flips out and says Chrissy is not the one for Jim. Her and Chrissy get into a heated argument.

A guy from the press asks Somaya about the supposed beef that's going on between her and Olivia and Somaya says, "She should be happy I'm talking about her because I'm making you relevant again Olivia." Ohhh, shots fired!

What do you think of this episode? Should women ever propose? And does Chrissy look desperate to marry Jim Jones?

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  1. If JIm doesn't see the seriousness in Christy by now she should say F**k it and find a new LUV.

  2. I totally agree, enough fooling around


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