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Love & Hip Hop: Jim Jones' Mom is Hilarious & Somaya Talks More Crap

This week on Love & Hip Hop...

A pissed off Nancy (Jim Jones' mom) storms out the restaurant as Chrissy proposes to Jim. Nancy hits the camera saying she doesn't want to be filmed and said she'll be that "b*tch mother-in-law" to Chrissy.

Chrissy says it's a girls fantasy to get proposed to but how many people live in a fantasy and said she went for what she wanted.

"They don't wait for guys anymore they know we take forever so they taking matters into their own hands," Jim says about Chrissy proposing to him.

Like a true "G" he didn't even give Chrissy a solid yes or no answer and said, "woooooow", "I'm with you" and "are you sure you want to do this?" But he accepted the ring and she put it on his finger.

Nancy feels like she should have been in on Chrissy's surprise to Jim, but Chrissy didn't trust if she could keep the surprise.

"It's not about Chrissy it's about my son, he came out my poom poom." Lol. This woman is funny!

The two started yelling at each other and Nancy said, "Chrissy is not the one for him, as far as I'm concerned that she's just that b*tch, sorry."

Chrissy then talks to Jim and says he didn't say yes. He says, "I did say yes, my clothes are still here." 

She wants to move on to wedding planning and Jim isn't ready for that yet. Then Jim says it's not official until she proposes on one knee.

Chrissy says if her and Jim stay enganged for more of the time that she's comfortable with then she's leaving. Jim said, "Just make sure you take the dog with you too." Wow, hahahaa! But Jim does say the love he has for Chrissy is unconditional and that he'll always be in love with her.

Somaya shoots her new video for her single "Would you still love me" and afterwards gets asked about a supposed beef between her and Olivia.

Somaya then says to someone's camera, "After I sized you up you just ran away like a little b*tch...she should be happy I'm talking about her because I'm making you relevant again Olivia."

Emily and her kids go to do a photo shoot and Fabolous doesn't show up because of the cameras, he doesn't want to be apart of the reality show. She also calls Fabolous and he doesn't answer. I feel like Fabolous is playing her, I never even heard of Emily until this show.

Towards the end, Olivia is shooting her video for her new single "December". Her manager, Rich gets a link sent to his cellphone of Somaya's crap talking on the internet and is heated. Olivia says Somaya is just trying to make a name for herself but in the wrong way.

"B*tch you just ended your career before it even f*ck!ng started," Rich says.

Tune in for the season finale of Love & Hip Hop next week, there will be more Somaya drama and Chrissy and Jim's mother exchange some more unfriendly words.

Below: Somaya's "Would you still love me" video. I actually like Olivia's "December" song much better.

Olivia's "December" video


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