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2011 WWE Draft Selections

RAW vs Smackdown:The annual WWE draft went down last night on RAW and for a second I thought Smackdown was going to be the better show to look at. Take a look at the draft picks:

Rey Mysterio will now be joining RAW. This is no biggie, it seems like everytime the draft is done he always gets switched.

Randy Orton has been on RAW for awhile and now he will join Smackdown.

John Cena at first was drafted to Smackdown and this was the biggest shocker of them all. Cena started his career on Smackdown and hasn't been on there for six years!

So I questioned this, why is the biggest star of RAW getting traded?

So then I thought, if Cena gets traded to RAW then some of the big stars from Smackdown need to come to RAW, either Undertaker, Big Show or Kane. Well Big Show winded up getting drafted to RAW. But then towards the end of the show Cena got drafted back to RAW!

Also, Mark Henry is now with Smackdown and Alberto Del Rio is now with RAW. Well I'm just happy Cena is still with RAW, what do you think of the draft selections?

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