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The Massive Crowds at The Royal Wedding

I get the fact that most girls are like, "oh this is a fairy tale" but I did not wake up at four in the morning to watch the wedding, nor did I care to see what Prince William or Kate Middleton were wearing but what amazed me was the crowds and the amount of people that were really into this.

There were numerous royal wedding parties thrown all over, like in New York and even Wendy Williams had a whole show dedicated to the royal wedding event, people were dressed up wearing funky looking hats and all to celebrate the event.

According to reports, an estimated two billion people tuned into the live broadcast of the royal wedding yesterday and over one million onlookers were there to see the wedding live.

Now I didn't watch the televised wedding, but when the couple kissed, the news was flying everywhere. This may have been the most viewed event in history, according to the Herald News, in what is being called "A Fairy Tale For the New Millennium."

Look at all these people below, wow!