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A Basketball Star Wants Half a Million Dollars from Someone on Basketball Wives

So the latest buzz is that Orlando Magic basketball player, Dwight Howard wants $500,000 from his baby mother, Royce Reed, from VH1's reality show, Basketball Wives.

She supposedly violated a gag order prohibiting her from talking about him in the press and Royce hasn’t paid a dime of the money, according to BET News.

We all know Royce has a big mouth and couldn't keep her and Dwight's son out of the spotlight or his business.

And I know Dwight is caking, being a NBA star and all, but he doesn't care. BET News says, Dwight is showing no signs of letting her off the hook for paying up and he's even willing to track her down in California to get it!

According to TMZ, this Basketball Wives star "has nada!" Wow! Are they not paying her enough on the show? I heard awhile ago Royce didn't want to be apart of season 3. She better man up to the rest of the girls and get that money because she's in debt.

A little something extra: Check out some Twitter drama I recently picked up on involving Royce, Eric (Jennifer's ex-husband from Basketball Wives) and a woman named Shay who is talking crap about Royce.

This is what Shay had to say...


RT @: @ You need to cut it Out! LOL.*lol no u need to stop it! U don't got no biz messin w @ silly a***

N not too long ago @ was hugging n consoling @ now u sleeping with the enemy @

There's something real suspect about @ n @ always sharing the same sentiments...
Eric says...
Eric Williams
@ cause I agreed wit a quote of hers???? Seriously! Lol. isn't that serious really?
Royce says...

Royce Reed
@ @ @ I hav no prob w/him. I respect those who respect me. I'm not n HS! I don't thrive off drama
Oh oh Royce, I think you're in enough trouble as it is.