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The Real World: Adam's Replacement Spices Thing's Up in the House

After the many drunken episodes of Adam, he gets kicked out of the hotel last week for strike two and has to leave the show.

The new girl comes in this week, Heather, whom they call Cooke, her last name, is more of a tomboy and starts vibing with the boys more so than the girls right away. 

Cooke then makes it very clear that she has her eyes set on Dustin.

How long will Heather and Dustin last?
Girlfriend or no girlfriend, Cooke wants Dustin and she tells Naomi and Nany, "We gotta break that up!"

What a bold thing to say when you come into a situation like that not knowing anyone.

The girls quickly go back home and tell Heather what she said about her and Dustin and the girls start talking crap about Cooke.

Later on while some of the roommates are out at the club, minus Dustin, Cooke says it again!

"I wasn't trying to hook up with Dustin....I mean eventually, but not tonight," she tells Leroy. Then says to him that Dustin is a project in the working.

The other girls look over and think Cooke is being inconsiderate with her actions. Previously Naomi hooked up with Leroy and even though they're not a couple Naomi says, "This is a guy I hook up with and you're not gonna come here outta nowhere and try to like sit next to him or try to do anything with him and later on try to blame it on the fact that you're drunk."

Oh oh! I bet the girls wish Adam was still there because Cooke has no problem mingling with the boys.

"I hate being the new person it sucks, everyone's already in their little cliques and they already have their way of doing things, I guess I just have to keep working on it," Cooke says.

She says her and Heather have a huge conflict because Heather messes with Dustin and she wants him. Cooke says doesn't want to be Heather's friend.

In another scene, Cooke asks Leroy to borrow a t-shirt to work out in at the gym. She knows exactly what she's doing walking around with his t-shirt, trying to get under Naomi's skin, good one Cooke.

"The b*tch brought two suitcases of athletic clothing so why do you have to wear his Michigan shirt, I feel like the b*tch is trying me and it's making me very upset," Naomi says. She says Cooke is overstepping the girls turf.

"I don't care how much Cooke works out or how much soccer she plays because I'm from the Bronx and I'll have her hair down by the confessional booth," Naomi says. Tisk...tisk.

All the roommates then go out to the club and more drama starts. The girls say Cooke was pointing at Heather then Nany quickly approaches Cooke while she's dancing with Leroy and asks what her problem is and why isn't she trying to get to know any of the girls. Then Naomi steps over and gets in Cooke's face and they all start arguing.

Wake up Naomi, he isn't claiming you
"I had  no idea Naomi was yelling at this girl over me. Are you out your mind? We're not in no f*ck!ng relationship," Leroy says.

Cooke sitting on her bed listening to
Naomi and Nany yell at her
It's no secret Naomi feels threatened over what she thinks is her territory, but Leroy is just playing her anyway.

After the club Nany goes to the new girls room while she's sleeping and yells at her to wake up and starts getting in her face.

Then Nany comes over and the two girls gang up on Cooke again but Dustin breaks it up. The guys take Cooke's side and think Nany and Naomi are wrong, which further pisses them off.

Heather is the calm one while Cooke wants her man while Naomi and Nany seem more mad about it...funny.

Heather and Cooke make up in the end and decide to be cool with each other. Cooke still says she hasn't crossed Dustin off out of her list of potentials. 

"When it comes to someone I want, I typically get it," she says.

The girls clearly had it out for Cooke since she walked in the door, lets see how long she lasts without breaking and if she hooks up with any of the guys in the house.