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Remembering the Cancelled Show 'Girlfriends' & Former 'Girlfriends' Actress Now in Horror Flick

As I watch repeats of Girlfriends on BET I think about how us fans never got that Girlfriends movie we were hoping for. After the show got cancelled in 2008, there were rumors swirling around about a possible movie featuring four girlfriends.

Compared to Sex in the City and often called the Black version of it, I think it would have been a proper send off for fans to have a Girlfriends movie, including the character Toni Childs, who left the show in season 6. It would have been some type of finale that we never got.

Remember this episode of Girlfriends?  The Game pilot episode in Season 1 by Game Fan
The Pilot episode of The Game
Creater and Executive Producer of the show, Mara Brock Akil also created The Game. Girlfriends also spun-off into The Game in 2006 and the entire pilot episode was done on Girlfriends.

Remember there was a different Derwin and Kelly on the pilot episode?

Similar characters in both shows are Tasha Mack and Joan Clayton who both can never keep a man.

It sucks when shows, especially shows that have been on for years, don't get a proper last episode. This is exactly what happened with Family Matters.

A scene from Golden Brook's movie

When the CW Network fully picked up Girlfriends from UPN for its seventh season, the ratings went down during the last two seasons and Girlfriends got the ax in 2008 from the CW Network, the same network that cancelled The Game in 2009.

Now all that's left of Girlfriends are the reruns. But remember the sassy character Maya?

Well Golden Brooks (Maya) is in a horror movie, The Inheritance that came out on DVD yesterday.

Check out what she recently said about the movie and Girlfriends: